Osterfestspiele Salzburg 2022

Juvenilia Election 2022

Dear Juvenilians!

The current Juvenilia Board of Directors Offices was elected during the online General Assembly on 4th July 2020. This means that during the General Assembly in Munich on 14th May 2022, a new board will be elected.

Applications for all positions are now open. Being part of the Juvenilia board allows you to gain experience in a very international environment. You collaborate closely with a team of young people from different countries and will be in touch with many opera houses and other European institutions. You will gain experience in event organization, cultural diplomacy, and international administration. You will surely travel a lot, make many new friends all across Europe and see many performances. The Juvenilia board works on a voluntary basis, and at the moment there is no refund available for travel expenses or opera tickets. However, the new board might want to take the initiative to make this possible through sponsorship. We advise the new board to always have at least 2 board members present at every Juvenilia event. The board meets once a month on Skype but stays connected continually via WhatsApp and Facebook. The workload can differ from 2-to 20 hours per week, depending on whether there is an upcoming event and on the ambitiousness of the board. The current board members have proven that it is very well possible to combine Juvenilia’s work with full-time studies or a full-time job. All board members are appointed for a term of two years, starting on 1st July 2022. The election takes place during the general assembly. Board members may opt to step down before the end of the term.

The five available positions and their corresponding tasks are as follows: 1. President 2. Vice-President, Secretary 3. Councillor Social-Media Management 4. Councillor Event Management and Coordination 5. Councillor Event Management and Coordination

TASKS OF THE PRESIDENT 1. The President of the Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly and holds all the powers of legal representation and of signature on behalf of the Juvenilia Network. 2. The President of the Board of Directors, for the exercise of its functions, avails itself of the collaboration of all members of the Board of Directors. 3. Furthermore the President: a. coordinates the work of the Board of Directors and its meetings; b. prepares, convenes and chairs the General Assembly together with other Board of Directors members; c. manages the relationships with existing clubs, with new clubs and with all entities and institutions that collaborate in any capacity with the Network; d. prepares and manages, in consultation with the Board of Directors, the Network season calendar; e. is active in the coordination and general organization of the Network events and exhibitions. 4. In case of absence or impediment of the President, its function is assumed by the Vice-President. At least 30 (thirty) days before the end of the Board of Directors mandate, the President convenes the General Assembly for the election of a new Board of Directors.


The Vice-President of the Board of Directors: a. personally holds the role of Network Secretary and is responsible for the email and for the institutional communication, both incoming and outgoing, to all affiliated Clubs. b. is in charge of the Association financial management; c. reports on his office to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the associative cash, which manages, and for the economic deeds executed during the completion of its function; d. drafts previous year balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and next year budget which will be approved by the Board before being presented to the General Assembly in charge of the final approval; e. manages the keeping, conservation and ordering of the accounting books and tax documentation; f. oversees the organization of the General Assembly; g. oversees all institutional and associative aspects related to the Juvenilia Network; h. drafts the General Assembly minute and all other institutional communications; i. manages the event promotion toward all Network clubs and other institutions affiliated in any capacity; j. is active in organizing the Network events and exhibitions; k. manages the communication with the Council of Presidents, moderates its assemblies and drafts the related minute.

TASKS OF THE COUNCILLOR WITH RESPONSIBILITY FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT The Councillor with responsibility for Social-Media Management: a. manages, control and updates regularly the Network official website and all the Network social pages such as Facebook, Instagram and similar; b. manages the dissemination and innovation of the Network image at all levels; c. is responsible for the Network press office and for managing its relations with every press institution; d. generally, manages every aspect related to advertising, knowledge, use and adhesion related to the Juvenilia Network.


The Councillor with responsibility for Event Management and Coordination: a. contributes to the coordination of those international events organized by various Clubs affiliated to the Juvenilia Network, collaborating closely both with individual organizers and with theatres or other hosting entities; b. manages the scheduling of the events; c. intervenes for the negotiation of discounts and favourable solutions both with theatres and with other hosting entities and with restaurants, hotels and similar where necessary; d. manages the preparation of promotional material together with the Councillor with responsibility for Social Media Management; e. manages the registration of participants to events and, together with the Vice President, the associated payments; f. assists and guides the group of participants during the Network events and exhibitions.

ELECTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICES 1. All members of the Juvenilia Network “Member Clubs” have the right of passive electorate with respect to the Juvenilia Board of Directors, as long as their age is between 18 (eighteen) and 33 (thirtythree) years old, and as long as they are regularly associated to their Club, and in good standing with the associative obligations according to the Statute of the respective Club. 2. The regularity check of the member status according to the conditions mentioned in the previous paragraph belongs to the Board of Directors of each Member Club and the Juvenilia Board of Directors may ask for proof of it at each moment: the member who does not possess these requisites forfeits the right of passive electorate. 3. Due to incompatibility, those members that at the moment of their candidacy hold a position within the Board of Directors of their own Club member of the Network, in any capacity as provided by the respective Statute, won’t be able to present their candidacy to the Juvenilia Board of Directors. 4. Each member of each “Member Club” who is eligible can submit its candidacy no later than the tenth (10) day before the General Assembly, according to the manners specified each time by the Juvenilia Board while convening the General Assembly, attaching their curriculum vitae and signed the motivational letter. 5. The final list of candidates admitted to the election will be sent by the seventh (7) day previous the General Assembly to the email address of each Club affiliated to the Network. 6. The names of those candidates who are not complying with the conditions specified by paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of this article will be excluded. 7. The Juvenilia Board of Directors also evaluates additional reasons which can lead to an exclusion, related to honour, reliability and past conduct of the candidate, proceeding with the exclusion only on the basis of serious reasons duly motivated in writing and communicated to the specific candidate. As non-exhaustive examples, the following are considered valid reasons for exclusion: exclusion or expulsion from the candidate own Club or from the Juvenilia Network, a distrust vote from the candidate own club Board of Directors or from the Juvenilia Board of Directors. 8. Candidacies can be withdrawn no later than seven days before the General Assembly scheduled date. 9. Any candidacy withdrawal must be promptly notified to the Juvenilia Board via email to the specified email address. 10. The vote on the candidates is expressed by the Representative, also delegated, of each “Club Member” and each Representative can express one preference for each office, up to a maximum of 5 (five) votes in total: the vote is secret and can take place electronically depending on the information provided by the Juvenilia Board of Directors when convening the assembly. 11. During the scrutiny, the candidates that will obtain the highest number of votes will be elected as members of the Juvenilia Board of Directors: if two or more candidates will obtain the same number of votes, a ballot between those candidates will take place, with a secret vote of those present according to what specified by the previous paragraph. 12. The election results will be announced to the General Assembly by the outgoing Juvenilia Board of Directors and promptly communicated to all subscribers via publication on the Network website, via e-mails to the affiliated clubs and via the drafting of the General Assembly minute. 13. The Juvenilia Board remains in office for 2 (two) years and its members can be re-elected for multiple mandates.


If you would like to put yourself forward as a candidate for the Juvenilia board, please write a motivation letter of 300 words max., and prepare a Juvenilia CV (describing your experiences with Juvenilia or your local youth club so far, plus any other relevant experiences). Candidature deadline: 4th May 2022 Your candidature will be sent to the member clubs and participants of the Munich weekend, one week before the General Assembly. If you have any questions, we will be pleased to answer them via juvenilia.eu@gmail.com